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Mount Nebo Road - Safety Upgrade

Key Capabilities: Major Road & Highway Infrastructure
Location: Mount Nebo, South East Queensland
Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council
Contract Period: 125 days
Duration: May 2021 – May 2022

About the project:

This project included the widening of Mount Nebo Road, installation of a guardrail, removal of several roadside hazards, and line marking realignment and improvement. HEH Civil worked collaboratively with Moreton Bay Regional Council to improve the safety for all road users in the area.

Project Scope

In May 2021, HEH Civil was engaged by Moreton Bay Regional Council to undertake the Road Safety Upgrade of Mount Nebo Road near Jolly’s Lookout Point. The project required HEH Civil to widen Mount Nebo Road through the design and construction of a retaining wall along the pavement edge and the installation of additional road furniture and line marking.

  • Installation and Maintenance of site facilities
  • Traffic Management
  • Environmental Management/Protection
  • Clearing and Grubbing
  • Earthworks
  • Ground Improvement (micro piles)
  • Mass Block Retaining Wall (including design)
  • Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Road furniture and line marking


  • Traffic management throughout the work site. Ensuring that the useability of the road is maintained as there is a significant number of cyclists that use Mt Nebo Rd on a regular basis
  • Existing PUP relocation of existing infrastructure throughout the work site
  • Slope stabilisation works including the design and construction of >3m high retaining wall
  • Significant wet weather delays that doubled the contract timeframe
  • Management of construction throughout the COVID-19 period


Completed the project within budget.


Mt Nebo Road Safety Upgrade was completed in May 2022 and was a collaborative success between Moreton Bay Regional Council and HEH Civil.

HEH Civil