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O’Mara Road Pathway & Pedestrian Bridge

Key Capabilities: Major road & highway infrastructure
Location: Narangba, South East Queensland
Client: Moreton Bay Regional Council
Contract Period: 104 weeks
Duration: Apr 2021 – Apr 2023

About the project:

This project included the construction of a pedestrian bridge over New Settlement Road, Narangba. HEH Civil worked collaboratively with Moreton Bay Regional Council to successfully deliver a difficult project through the COVID-19 period.

Project Scope

The scope of works includes the construction of a 3.0m wide concrete shared pathway, a pedestrian bridge over New Settlement Road, and a link to the local road/path network at Yarle Court.

  • Construction of 30m pedestrian footbridge spanning New Settlement Road including 2 x super T girders
  • Construction of a 3m wide pedestrian footpath
  • Installation of solar bollards & electrical lights
  • Landscaping including detailed fauna crossing
  • Installation of steel anti-throw screens & structural framing
  • Installation of a concrete staircase including piling
  • Batter stabilisation including soil nailing and shotcrete


  • Management of pedestrian access throughout the work site
  • Management of construction near the live rail line and existing gas line
  • Traffic management including placement of girders
  • Redesign of a modified staircase and bike rail
  • Significant wet weather delays that doubled the contract timeframe
  • Management of construction throughout the COVID-19 period including significant supply delivery issues


Completed the project within budget.


O’Mara Pedestrian Bridge was completed in April 2023 and was a collaborative success between Moreton Bay Regional Council.

HEH Civil