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Ravenshoe Water Supply Upgrade

Key Capabilities: Water/Sewer Infrastructure
Location: Ravenshoe, Far North Queensland
Client: Tablelands Regional Council (TRC)
Duration: 75 weeks (2023/2024)

About the project:

Tablelands Regional Council is undertaking Stage 2 of the Ravenshoe Water Supply Project (RWSU) which connects the localities of Cassowary, Bellview, Millstream South, and Millstream North to the Ravenshoe water supply scheme (constructed in Stage 1) creating the Ravenshoe Regional Water Supply Scheme. The existing individual water supply intakes that provide RAW water to Millstream North and South, Cassowary, and Bellview will become redundant at the completion of this project. This approach rationalises the existing five separate run-of-river water supply schemes into a single supply scheme providing Council with long-term efficiencies.


  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP) design and construct (D&C)
  • WTP facility design and construction, including the following (refer to Water Treatment Plant Functional
  • Overall facility design, equipment selection, and construction.
  • Sludge/effluent rising main design and construction.
  • Power load calculation and submission of updated Ergon connection application.
  • Electrical and SCADA design and construction works.
  • Emergency water supply design.
  • Renewable energy options assessment.
  • Facility commissioning and performance testing.
  • Pipeline Installation Works (Wooroora Road to South/North Millstream)
  • Vegetation clearing.
  • DN200 high- and low-pressure pipeline supply and installation including waterway crossings and scour protection.
  • PE100 HDD under bore supply and installation.
  • South Millstream Reservoir Facility upgrade works.
  • Supply and installation of all concrete slabs and pits.
  • Supply and installation of all pipework, flowmeter, valves, and fittings.
  • Supply and installation of all electrical equipment.
  • Existing chlorination building equipment decommissioning.
  • Existing reservoir scouring and modification.
  • Integration with Council’s SCADA network.
  • North Millstream Reservoir Facility Upgrade Works
  • Supply and installation of all pipework, valves, and fittings.
  • Supply and installation of all electrical equipment.
  • Existing chlorination building equipment decommissioning.
  • Integration with Council’s SCADA network.
  • North Millstream PRV Installation
  • Supply and install a PRV assembly to the existing reticulation system.


With completion of the 2.8 ml/day filter membrane water and trunk main network being the second and most critical stage of the water supply upgrade, it was essential to maintain a high level of collaboration with the client and project management team to successfully manage design and construction. Extensive experience in pipeline installation and commissioning from the successful Sunwater Channel Upgrade Project was invaluable.


  • Management of the design and construction of a 2.8 ml/day Filter Membrane Water Treatment Plant and facilities including commissioning and handover.
  • Management of design workshops with consultants to ensure design brief and facility performance objectives are met.
  • Extensive non-destructive excavations, identification, and survey verification of all services over a 16km area.
  • Development of a UXO Safety Management Plan requiring detailed investigations and strict control measures due to working within historical military areas with a high risk of unexploded ordinances (UXO).
  • Planning and performance of the multistage water main cutover works for each township zone required critical design and planning with the local council to ensure no disruption to the residents.
  • Working within residential areas and commercial property locations required extensive community consultation and engagement.
  • Implementation of traffic management strategies to ensure safe workplaces for all personnel and the traveling public.


This project adds value to HEH Civil’s water infrastructure capability and demonstrates HEH Civil’s engineering design and construct capabilities in major project works. It also showcases our abilities in mechanical and electrical engineering.

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